Billiards TV – FAST Channel

Billiards TV is one of the FAST channels that delivers Pool, Snooker, Billiards and more to Streaming TV viewers with a high addiction and long viewing times.

Billiards TV FAST Channel Introduction

Billiards Television is a streaming service that offers users access to various channels and content related to billiards, pool, and cue sports. Users can watch live and recorded matches, tournaments, highlights, tips, and tricks from some of the best players and experts in the world. This is a FAST Channel, which is free and ad-supported. Users can watch Billiards Television on various platforms and devices, such as is a great way to enjoy the exciting and skilful game of billiards anytime and anywhere.

Billiards TV FAST Channel Specification

8Mbps – 1080HD Frame Size

Mezzanine = HLS – MPEGTS – SRT – RIST

HLS = Full ad loaded via Advertising Split

HLS Ladder = 8/6/4/2/1 Mbps  (1080/1080/720/576/360)

Cloud TV Playout provider?

Playout Provider – View TV Play

FAST Channel Distributor

CDN/SSAI Provider = View TV Connect

Existing Platforms that is operating:

Kapang UK 

Kapang USA

Samsung Plus

Billiards TV on Distro TV

Billiards TV - Amazing Pool Table Action
Billiards TV – Amazing Pool Table Action

Channel Terms and Conditions

Channel terms and conditions to follow


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