FAST Channel Monetisation

FAST Channel Monetisation – Content Owner Syndication – If you are a content owner and do not know where to start with FAST, then the FAST Channel Network monetises Broadcasters FAST.

What are FAST Channels?

FAST Channels are a new way of watching TV online for free. FAST stands for free ad-supported streaming television, meaning you can watch various content on different channels without paying a subscription fee. Like traditional TV, you only have to watch some video ads during scheduled breaks.

FAST Channels offer a linear and curated TV experience, which means that you can watch whatever is on at the moment, without having to choose from a vast library of on-demand content. You can also find channels that cater to your specific interests and preferences, such as comedy, drama, sports, news, music, and more.

FAST Channels are available on any CTV device with a supported app, such as Kapang, Pluto TV, The Roku Channel, and Tubi. You can access hundreds of channels that feature shows and movies from different genres, networks, and studios. You can also discover new and original content that is exclusive to FAST Channels.

FAST Channels are the future of streaming TV, as they provide you with a lot of variety and quality content for free. They also give you the option of upgrading to premium services if you want to enjoy ad-free viewing and additional features. Whether you want to relax and watch whatever is on, or explore new and exciting content, FAST Channels have something for you.

How do I start a FAST Channel?

If you have enough content for a channel, generally more than 150 hours at launch, with an additional 10 hours per week following launch, you have several choices to work with the View TV FAST Channels team.

FAST Channel Monetisation – Create a FAST Channel

3rd Party Playout System

You can find a channel playout supplier, curate and construct your channel and send it to us as SRT, RIST or MPEG/TS with SCTE markers and in a traditional TV clock format. (Average cost $36,000/year/channel.

We do not accept VoD Playout channels as they have no broadcast specifications; these suppliers include Wurl, MUXIP and Ottera.

FAST Channel Monetisation – Build a FAST Channel

Cloudie TV Cloud Playout Solution

You can create your channel via View TV using their Cloud TV Playout solution, which would automatically be on the View TV Network and available for distribution. (Average cost $20,000/year/channel)

Content Monetization – Add your content to FAST Channels

View TV Studios Joint-Venture FAST channel

If you do not have the technical, financial and editorial resources to create the channel, then in some cases, View TV will agree on a joint venture channel via a 70/30 net revenue in favour of the content owner. This is not a guaranteed case, but with great content and brand, a part channel or complete channel agreement could be agreed upon.

FAST Channel Monetisation
FAST Channel Monetisation