Affliction – The Movie Short

Affliction – The Movie Short -In a bar at night, a man named Allen is drunk and raving about a girlfriend. The bartender cuts him off after he gets aggressive. He leaves. Walking down the street alone, he realizes he is being followed right before an unseen figure abducts him. He awakes in a basement/cellar, tied to a pole. He pleads for someone to help him or tell him what’s going on. Slowly, a figure emerges wearing a grey jumpsuit and an unsettling, geisha-style mask covering their face. They slowly run their fingers over several bloody knives on the table beside them. They confront Allen who continues to beg for his life.

The figure opens his shirt and begins to slice his chest with the knife as Allen screams. Flashback – Allen has a heated, emotionally charged phone conversation with his girlfriend, who breaks up with him after telling him she’s fed up with his violent persona and substance/alcohol abuse.

Upset, he drinks aggressively, heading out to his car for a drive. Back in the cellar, the masked figure feeds him whiskey, which he happily accepts right before they pour it into his eyes. Screaming in pain, he demands to know who they are.

Flashback – continued – Allen drives drunk after the phone conversation with his girlfriend. Not paying attention, he hits an attractive young woman walking down the street. Seeing her sprawled out across the pavement, he drives off, not realizing she isn’t dead…In the cellar, the masked figure removes the mask to reveal that they are the woman he hit, with a massive scar covering her face.

She tells him how he destroyed her entire life, turning her into a monster. It’s time for justice. He begs for mercy as she puts the mask back on and begins slicing his face.

“An abusive, selfish alcoholic confronts his fate when he is kidnapped by a mysterious figure.”

Andrew Jackson – Producer

My Name is Andrew Jackson, TwoOhNation Films is an extension of my creative dreams and the dreams of others. I was born in Harlem, U.S.A. smack in the middle of New York City. I have always been creative, at the age of 16 while attending Art & Design High School I had the chance to intern for Milestone Media Comics, created by the late DwanyeMcDuffie a black-owned comic company published by DCcomics.

This was a magical moment for me as a young African-American getting to see characters that looked like me having adventures on colourful pages, the artist was born. My passion for art grew and eventually turned into a career in music. Coming from an urban environment Hip-Hop drew me in with its hypnotic beats and funky rhythms. I started to perform as Mr. TwoOh my stage name ( Andrew Jackson is on the $20…get it lol) and got the chance to tour with groups like the Hit Squad, even creating my own group Dawholedamnshow.

Music led me to what I now call the meeting groundsfor all arts…Film. I’ve been working in the film business since 2014 in production and the assistant director’s department.

The first film I worked on was “ Still Alice”. Over the years I was blessed to work on so many sets shoulder to shoulder with some of the most talented people in the world, learning along the way. “Affliction” my second short film is a horror /thriller.

The idea was created by my friend Dan Rubin-Marx and myself about 4 years ago. The main vein of the story is“choices”, we all make them and they all have consequences, some we don’t see. This time around the eyes behind the camera were my good friend, Jessica Cele, who’s an amazing African-American DP. I look forward to making many more films with her